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  11.10.2019, 09:33h

Unlocking the secrets of the living world – tales of water

A new project by the Bioteka society in Krka National Park

After the successful implementation of projects to research biodiversity along the Krka River (Citizen scientists: supporting the bat population in the area of the middle and upper course of the Krka River; Thirsty and Hungry Laboratory), the Bioteka society for the promotion of biology and related sciences will be visiting Krka National Park again, for the fourth year in a row, to educate children about environmental protection and conservation in a fun and interesting way.

On the banks of the Krka River, near the Krka Ecological and Information Centre in Knin, the Bioteka society implemented the project entitled “Unlocking the secrets of the living world – tales of water!” through two workshops with fourth-grade pupils from the Domovinska Zahvalnost Primary School in Knin. In addition to researching aquatic and terrestrial habitats through creative activities, games and experiments, pupils had the chance to learn about concepts such as biodiversity, food webs, and invasive species, and to find out more about the various adaptations of aquatic and terrestrial animals. Organisms were collected using small nets and shovel samplers that the children made themselves. In researching and determining the collected plants and animals, children made use of dissecting scopes, magnifying glasses and determination keys. All the pupils were involved in a “do-it-yourself” fashion, with the guidance of two experienced Bioteka educators.

The objective of the workshop is to acquaint children with the biodiversity of species of a local area, and to provide direct contact with organisms. This raises their awareness of the important of environmental protection and conservation, popularises science and the significance of protected areas. This project is also useful to teachers, who can introduce the education methods, field work and “do-it-yourself” tasks into their own classrooms.