The Public Institute of Krka National Park and the Šibenik Association “Šape” [Paws] have agreed to cooperate on animal protection

The Krka National Park and the Šibenik Paws Association signed an agreement on cooperation aimed at protecting animals, which is a significant step in promoting animal protection and encouraging the adoption of dogs from the Association.

The Krka National Park, in accordance with this contract, will provide free membership in the Friends of the Krka Club to every person who adopts a dog through the Šibenik Paws Association. Through this, we want to encourage the adoption of dogs from the Association, while at the same time providing numerous benefits to the new members of the Friends of the Krka Club. With the Friends of the Krka Club card, its members can enter the Krka National Park for free for a period of one year, with the proviso that at the entrance to the Park, along with that card, they must also present an identity card or some other appropriate document.

“The Krka National Park has always been dedicated to preserving the natural values and diversity of our environment, and this collaboration marks a further step in our effort to take care of the animals with which we share our space. We invite all citizens to support this initiative, because we believe that together we can do much more for the protection and well-being of animals”, said Nella Slavica, director of the Krka National Park.

The contracting parties have also undertaken to promote cooperation through various channels of informing the public and to organize events that will contribute to raising awareness of the protection of animals.

One such event is planned for October 4, 2023, on Animal Protection Day, when the Krka National Park and the Šibenik Paws Association will jointly organise a special program to draw attention to the importance of caring for animals.

The cooperation between the Krka National Par and the Šibenik Paws Association is a concrete step towards achieving a common goal: protection and care for the animals in our environment. Therefore, both the Krka National Park and the Šibenik Paws Association invite citizens to support their initiative and join them in promoting love for animals and care for their well-being.




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