None of the four rivers in Dalmatia has such a number of castles or fortifications on its banks as does the Krka River along its entire course. Built on the tops of canyons, they blend in with the ambience, and represent an eternal memory of the battles of Croatian princes.

From the source of the Krka River all the way to its mouth, medieval fortifications are located on the left and right sides of the canyon. Some of the fortresses were the nuclei for settlements. Together, the castles form a unique fortification system.

The fortresses were constructed at the sites of settlements from earlier historical periods, at prehistoric hillforts, for instance, and from these carefully selected positions they have views of fertile fields or river crossings, while they served primarily for defence. They were owned by Croatian noble families, and the striking fortresses on the Krka and Čikola Rivers were erected to defend Oprominje, the former district of the once famous Knin County. The lords of the right bank of the Krka were the Šubić princes, while the lords of the left bank were the Nelipić branch of the Svačić family.

Although they long ago lost their primary meaning, they remain in the centre of attention, as new identities and purposes are sought for them.






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