Spirituality and religion have always been important factors in people’s lives. From the period of Late Antiquity up to the present day, numerous pilgrims visit shrines throughout the world in search for peace and spiritual fulfilment.

In addition to its rich natural and cultural heritage, the Krka National Park is also characterized by a rich sacral heritage, which has always attracted a great number of pilgrims. The lake-like sections of the Krka River are places of peace and silence, as if created for the spiritual connection of man and God.

In addition to the two most important spiritual centres, Visovac and Krka monastery, here are several small churches and numerous votive chapels along the entire course of the Krka that were erected by individuals or Franciscans from Visovac. At Skradinski buk waterfall there are two small churches with a votive character: St. Nicholas on the left bank and Our Lady of Health on the right bank of the Krka River. They were built by the landowning Šupuk and Marasović families, the main owners of land at the Skradinski buk waterfall.






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