When is the best time to visit Krka National Park?

  • Krka National Park is open to visitors year round. Every season is special. Spring and autumn are lovely due to the comfortable temperatures, lively plant and animal life, and enjoying the educational walking trails and bicycle routes. During winter, when the vegetation is resting, the abundance of water is at the forefront, and the geomorphological forms of the rocks and tufa are best seen. In summer, the vegetation is at its lushest, the culinary offer is at its best thanks to the abundance of fresh foods, but the number of visitors is also highest.

Can I visit other localities with the one-day ticket purchased for Skradinski buk?

  • Yes, the one-day ticket enables a single visit to all the terrestrial localities in the Park on the same day.

If I arrive at Skradinski buk via the Lozovac entrance, can I return there by boat from Skradin, and vice versa?

  • No, the single day ticket can only be used for any locality once on the same day.

Can I buy tickets for the entire Park at all entrances?

  • Yes, at all entrances and reception desks, with the exception of tickets for that locality only, it is possible to purchase the single ticket to visit all the localities of Krka National Park in one day, including that locality.

Does the Krka National Park entrance ticket also include the boat ride?

  • The single entrance ticket for Krka National Park includes the boat transport from Skradin to Skradinski buk. Boat excursions to Visovac, Roški slap, Torak (Čikola), Krka monastery and the medieval fortresses Nečven and Trošenj are charged extra according to the valid price list.

Does the same boat go from Skradin to Roški slap?

  • No, due to the tufa barriers, sailing the Krka River takes place in stages. The boat drives from Skradin to Skradinski buk, and from here you can take the excursion boat for Visovac, Roški slap and Torak (Čikola). The boat for the Krka monastery leaves from Roški slap.

Can I reserve the boat ride in advance or purchase the boat excursions online?

  • No, the boat excursion can only be reserved on site, at the Park. Also, tickets for the boat excursions are also sold only in the Park.

Are there family passes or annual passes available?

  • The Friends of the Krka Club offers an annual pass which enables year round access to the Park and is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Are there discounted ticket prices?

  • Taking part in the event Krka Cultural Summer is free of charge. While the Weekend Outdoors campaign is on during spring, tickets are available at discounted prices. On Easter Monday, visiting Skradinski buk is free of charge for pilgrims, until the start of mass. On International Labour’s Day, entrance tickets can be purchased at discounted prices. On August 2nd and 15th, the visit to Visovac Island is free for pilgrims.
  • Keep checking our official website and social media pages for the opportunity to get free entrance tickets.

Can Visovac Island also be visited on holidays?

  • On Our Lady of Angels ( 2 August) and The Feast of the Assumption (15 August), Visovac Island is open only to pilgrims. On those days, no excursions are organised for Park visitors.

GPS navigation did not lead me to a Park entrance, but to the fields. How can I find the reception desk?

  • When approaching Krka National Park, following the tourism information signs, which will easily direct you towards all the locations that are open for visitation. Within the Park, you may move only along the trails that are equipped for visitors, and follow the signs.

Ticket purchase  

How can I purchase the ticket?

  • Tickets may be purchased with cash (euro) and all credit cards. However, credit cards are not accepted at the sales locations Remetić (Visovac), Oziđana pećina cave, Burnum and Manojlovac waterfall.

Is there a student discount on tickets?

  • Student tickets are available at discounted prices, by showing the student card (of any university in the world).

Do journalists have a discount via press tickets?

  • The Public Institute of Krka National Park does not offer press tickets. Journalists wishing to photograph or film in the Park must make an appointment to do so at least three working days in advance, so that their request can be considered and the appropriate permit issued for photographing or filming.

Additional services  

Where can I park while visiting Skradinski buk? What is the price for parking?

  • At the main park entrance at Lozovac, there is Park visitor parking that is free of charge. In the town of Skradin, where the boat leaves for Skradinski buk, parking is privately owned and there is a charge. At all other entrances and localities in Krka National Park, visitor parking is free of charge.

Why, if you charge for entrance, do you additionally charge to use the toilets in the Park?

  • The use of toilets in the Park area that are managed by the Public Institute of Krka National Park is free of charge.
  • At Skradinski buk, near the ethno village and the Imperial Viewpoint, there is a free visitor toilet.
  • The toilet under Skradinski buk that you have to pay for are not managed by the Public Institute of Krka National Park.

Why do the prices of food and beverages in hospitality facilities differ throughout the Park?

  • Most of the hospitality facilities in the Park are under private ownership or are leased on a concession basis. The price will depend on the type of offer, availability of delivery, origin of the products (e.g. organic products and food prepared on site are more expensive), etc.

Activities in Krka National Park  

Is swimming permitted in Krka National Park?

  • Swimming is permitted only in designated areas at Roški slap, Stinice and Pisak, from 1 June to 30 September, at your own risk, and depending on weather conditions and water levels. Swimming outside those areas and those dates is not permitted.

May I jump off the falls and swim by the wooden bridges?

  • No, swimming outside of designated areas is not permitted. Jumping off the falls or off the bridges is prohibited.

Who can I contact to get a guide in the Park?

  • There are specially trained guides that work at Krka National Park. This service must be arranged in advanced and reserved, and is charged according to the valid price list. You can send an inquiry to: or

Can I row a canoe or kayak on the Krka?

  • No, these activities are not permitted in Krka National Park.

For visitors with dogs  

Are dogs allowed in the Park, and where are they permitted?

  • Dogs are permitted in the Park when accompanied by their owners, and must be on a leash at all times. Dogs are not permitted on Visovac Island. Dogs are permitted at the Krka monastery site, but not inside the monastery.

Other common questions  

What kind of footwear do I need to tour the Park?

  • For a safe tour of the Park, we recommend good quality footwear, layered clothing and sufficient water. While touring the Park, you may come across different types of trails, from wooden trails and bridges, to gravel and paved areas.

During the excursion to Roški slap, can I stay longer than the allowed time and take the next boat?

  • The time allocated for staying at Roški slap is sufficient to tour most of the area. Due to the reserved seating system and limited space on boats, it is not possible to arrive and depart on two different boats. For visitor safety and ticket validation, it is necessary to use just one boat for the duration of the excursion. Also, for safe navigation and to abide by the sailing schedule, passengers may not be late for the boat.

May I freely take photographs and videos in Krka National Park?

  • For your own personal purposes, yes. Photographing and filming the natural beauty and cultural and historical heritage of the Republic of Croatia in Krka National Park is also permitted for promotional purposes. In order to photograph or film for such purposes, it is necessary to obtain a permit from the Public Institute of Krka National Park. To get a permit, it is necessary to submit a written request at least one week prior to the planned filming.

May I use a drone for my own personal purposes and for a short time?

  • The use of drones is not permitted in Krka National Park.

Is there a luggage storage area?

  • There are no storage facilities for luggage or personal items in the Park.

I have lost something in the Park. Who do I contact for help?

  • If you lose a personal item, please immediately contact the nearest staff member for assistance. If you notice that you have lost something only after you have left the Park, please contact

Is it possible to reserve accommodation in the Park?

  • In Krka National Park accommodation is available for organised groups as part of study visits, field work, congresses, and other cultural, scientific, educational or volunteer programmes. The service prices are listed in the price list.

There is a crowd at the reception desks at Skradin and Lozovac. What should I do?

  • Purchasing entrance tickets online significantly reduces waiting times. Visitors with online tickets do not need to wait at reception, but can proceed straight to the dock at Skradin or bus stop at Lozovac. It is also possible to reach Skradinski buk directly on foot along the walking trail Lozovac – Skradinski buk and the walking trail / bicycle route Skradin bridge – Skradinski buk.

Why don’t you prohibit car and truck traffic over the bridge at Roški slap?

  • The bridge traffic at Roški slap is not under the authority of the Public Institute of Krka National Park. As one of four crossings over the river, this bridge is strategically important, and until a safer and more acceptable solution, this is the only crossing. Due to the narrowness of the bridge, it is not possible to section off a pedestrian section, and therefore, we direct visitors to take the walking bridge over the Necklaces.

Is there First Aid available if I injure myself?

  • If a visitor is injured in the Park, it is necessary to immediately notify the nearest staff member, who will contact the necessary assistance. All reception desks, souvenir shops, boats, vehicles and branch offices have first aid kits that can be used until emergency services can arrive (in summer, they come from Skradin). The Park staff at Skradinski buk are trained to use a defibrillator.

Do you have electric car filling stations?

  • Yes, there are electric car filling stations at Lozovac (Krka lower course) and Laškovica (Krka middle course).





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