Why volunteer in the Krka National Park?

The volunteering program at the Krka National Park encourages the development of fundamental values, such as the protection of nature and the environment, solidarity, tolerance, and community spirit, while at the same time the volunteers can enjoy both natural beauty and socializing.

Volunteer programs organized by the Public Institution “Krka National Park” are carried out at the Krka Eco Campus in Puljane, a modern interpretational-educational and volunteer center. Volunteers acquire new skills and knowledge through various activities, systematic education, and work with the professional staff of the Park.

Volunteering can be organized as a one-day activity, or it can continue for several days (up to 10).

While the volunteer program is taking place, the volunteers are provided with hostel accommodation, food, and transportation at the Krka Eco Campus, with entertainment programs organized during their free time: social games, competitions, team building.

After completing the program, volunteers receive a certificate of volunteering, which lists all the activities and education they experienced during their stay.

If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the application form below:

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The Habitat Protector volunteer programme is open for applications

Apply to volunteer at Krka National Park from 2 to 11 September 2024, and become a Krka Habitat Protector

This year's first volunteers at Krka National Park – indigenous species and habitat protectors

The first volunteer programme in 2023 at Krka National Park, called Indigenous Species and Habitat Protectors, was held from 1 to 10 September. The programme brought together volunteers and experts, and the aim was to combat the spread of Tree of Heaven, an invasive alien species, and to raise awareness of the need to preserve the natural heritage.

Volunteer programme “Indigenous species habitat protector”

The first volunteer programme to be held in 2023 at Krka National Park is the Krka’s Habitat Protector, as part of the project LIFE CONTRA Ailanthus, in which Krka National Park is a partner. The project is financed through the LIFE programme.






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