The Krka National Park is proud to participate in the celebration of the International Night of the Bat, a manifestation that for many years has sensitised the public to the importance of preserving bats as a key member of the ecosystem

This year’s International Night of Bats will be held on Thursday, 31 August 2023, at the Imperial Viewpoint, a place with a wonderful view of Skradinski buk waterfall. From 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, visitors of all ages will be able to immerse themselves in the world of bats through a variety of educational games and activities and learn much about these fascinating flyers.

The ways in which bats are important to the ecosystem will be highlighted on commemorative decorations and posters with basic information about these mammals. Younger visitors will enjoy interactive games such as “bat-fishing”, “bat-hunting” and “blind polygon”, while the older ones will be able to express themselves artistically in the creative bat-corner, and in the bat’s home – the cave – everyone will be able to explore and learn about their habitat.

One of the main questions for which visitors will get an answer will be about echolocation, the ability of bats to use sounds to orient themselves and find food. Through an expertly guided presentation, they will also get an answer to the question of whether bats are blind, which is one of the many myths and prejudices about them.

What should be emphasised in terms of the role of bats in the environment is the fact that they are essential in regulating the mosquito population. Experts emphasise that a bat can eat a large number of mosquitoes in just one hour, a major contribution to maintaining balance in the natural environment.

Considering the great interest of visitors in International Bat Night, we are especially pleased that we can organise learning about bats in such an attractive place as the Skradinski buk waterfall. This event is not only an opportunity for entertainment, but also for education and raising awareness about the importance of preserving nature and its guardians, including bats. Seventeen species of bats have been recorded in Krka National Park, which is 48.6% of the total number of bats recorded in Croatia.

In order for the participants to more easily remember this educational and entertaining event, the Krka NP will distribute free publicity materials that will remind them of their stay in the Park and participation in the International Night of Bats.

Celebrating International Bat Night in the Krka National Park will once again confirm the dedication of the Park’s employees to the preservation of nature and to raising awareness of the importance of every single part of it, including the small in size, but no less important – bats.




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