Visovac Island is situated in the middle of Visovac Lake. The Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy, and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac, have stood here since 1445. With their magnificent grounds, they form a unique entity.

Visovac Island is among the most important natural and cultural values of the Republic of Croatia. During its stormy history, Visovac was and has remained an island of peace and prayer, and the Franciscan monastery is a fortress of spirituality and faith, and one of the key foundation stones of the survival of the Croats and the preservation of the Croatian national identity. The monastery possesses a significant archaeological collection, a collection of historical church linens and dishes, and a rich library with many valuable books and incunabula.

  • Arrival by excursion boat from Skradinski buk (two hours), boat transfer from Stinice/ Remetić (5 minutes), excursion boat from Roški slap (2 hours). Transport according to the set schedule and price list.
  • Stinice can be reached by car from Miljevci, and Remetić can be reached from Dubravice – Rupe
  • Dogs are not permited on Visovac Island
  • Free parking at Stinice and Remetić, free toilet at Stinice
  • Swimming is allowed at Stinice and Pisak near Remetić







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