Visitors in Krka National Park can view the restored ethnological monuments (veza na Sklopovi vodenica na Skradinskom buku na eng), to become better acquainted with the customs of this region.

The watermills in the National Park belong to the system of pre-industrial water plants on the Krka River. They have always symbolised the economic power of the region, and were a frequent source of conflict over history. The preserved watermills are from the 19th century and have exceptional cultural and historical significance as monuments of rural architecture and our economic past. Considering their primary activity and the rural expression, they are considered ethnological/ethnographic monuments.

At the restored watermills of Krka National Park, it is possible to watch presentations of milling wheat, washing and pounding of cloth, weaving of fabrics and floor mats, horseshoe smithing, the preparation of food in the old kitchen and more. Some watermills at Skradinski buk have been turned into exhibition spaces, so you can see the exhibitions “The Story of Water” and “Industrial Architecture on the Krka River”.






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