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Pit opposite Torak Lake

There is an exceptionally interesting pit just opposite the Torak spring, situated about 20 m above the river valley on the right bank of the Čikola River.

The pit is about 20 m deep and 10 m long. The upper part of the structure has been formed in conglomerate, while the lower in marly limestone. There is no doubt that the pit was submerged with the raising of the lake following the growth of travertine barriers at Skradinski buk. At the bottom of the pit are three small lakes at the level of the water of the Čikola River. The largest is 17 m deep.

The second is a known habitat for the olm in Krka National Park and also contains submerged stalactites that are grown over with colonies of the endemic cave polychaete (Marifugia cavatica).