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Manojlovac slap

Once a visitor sees the tallest and, many say, loveliest waterfall in all of its glory, it will long remain engrained in the memory as one of the most impressive natural scenes.

Half a kilometre downstream from Brljan, where the river makes a sharp turn, Manojlovac slap emerges. This waterfall is the largest and is considered by many to be the most beautiful waterfall of the Krka River.

The waterfall is made up of a series of travertine barriers with a total height of 59.6 metres; the largest barrier is 32.2 metres high. The cascades are approximately 500 metres in length, with a width of around 80 metres. Travertine formations on the waterfall are most represented by beard-like tufts and small caves. The canyon surrounding the waterfall is overgrown with sub-Mediterranean vegetation, and along the river's current there are small fields and pastures. At the foot of the waterfall are the ruins of abandoned mills that can be seen. This waterfall is similar to Brljan, in that during the warm season, the waterfall is dried out due to the redirection of water to supply the nearby Miljacka hydroelectric plant. In periods of high water, the waterfall crashes into the deep water with a deafening roar, surrounded by a veil of scattered rainbow coloured drops of water. Once a visitor sees the waterfall in its luxurious beauty, it will long remain engrained in the memory as one of the most impressive natural scenes.

The most beautiful view of the waterfall is from the rim of the canyon on the Bukovac side, several hundred metres from the archaeological site of Burnum, on the road Knin-Kistanje. From the Promina side to Burnum, you can arrive via the road Drniš-Oklaj that is connected to the road Knin-Kistanje. There are no maintained walking trails along the cascades, which gives it an additional mystical and innocent beauty.