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Chimney bellflower

The chimney bellflower is an Adriatic/Illyrian endemic species. It is found throughout the entire area of Krka National Park.

The chimney bellflower (Campanula pyramidalis) is an Adriatic/Illyrian endemic species. It grows on caves, in rock crevices and walls in the coastal regions, and can be found at altitudes of up to 1000 m on Mt. Velebit. The chimney bellflower is found throughout Krka National Park, growing on rock crevices and stone walls, on rocky slopes and rocky pastures and open areas with deciduous thickets.

This is a biennial or triennial plant that can grow up to 150 cm high. The stem is vertical, strong and simple, or can be branching, like a broom, bare and blunted. The leaves are bare. At the base of the plant, the leaves are on long stems and are broad and ovate, with a blunted tip and roughly serrated edges. Leaves on the plant stem are on shorter stems, are egg-shaped or spear-shaped, with a heart-shaped base and serrated edges. The flowers are on short stalks, usually in clusters of three, at the bases of the upper leaves, clustered together in an upright, pyramidal raceme. The flower is widely bell-shaped, with a diameter of 3 cm, with triangular lobes cutting almost halfway down the entire length of the flower. The colour is light purple to blue. Blossoms in July and August.