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Loveliest in the spring with the new green leaves and the lush vegetation has not yet covered the travertine cascades.

Two kilometres downstream from Bilušića buk, at the canyon’s exit, the Krka River widens into the 400 metre wide and 1300 metre long Ćorić Lake (Bjelober, Brljan Lake). The lake emerged, in part, from the growth of the travertine barriers at the Brljan barrier, and in large part from the construction of a concrete dam constructed at Brljan for the needs of the Miljacka hydroelectric plant.

The water in the lake flows over the Brljan waterfall only during high waters, as water is redirected from the river through a drilled tunnel to supply the hydroelectric plant. The travertine barriers at the Brljan cascades are approximately 300 metres long, 180 metres wide, with a total drop of 15.5 metres. Upstream there are smaller rivers, rapids and thresholds. The waterfall is surrounded by lush sub-Mediterranean vegetation and cultivated fields. It is most attractive in the spring when everything is green, and the vegetation does not yet cover the travertine cascades. There is a path on the Bukovac side, through the canyon and over the waterfall, where visitors can see the remnants of the Roman military camp Burnum. Over the travertine barriers, there is a path from Bukovac towards Promina. On the left side of the river, there are the remnants of various mills that can still be seen today. In the warm months, the waterfall is dry and lifeless, and the 500 metre long bed of the Krka River between Brljan and the Manojlovac slap waterfall dries out.

The waterfall can be reached from the Bukovac side via the road Knin-Kistanje by taking the turnoff before Burnum on the road Oklaj-Drniš. From the Promina side, you can reach the falls via the road Drniš-Oklaj that is connected to the road Knin-Kistanje. The road crosses over the travertine barriers, and on the road from both sides of the river are viewing points offering unforgettable vistas of the waterfalls and Ćorić Lake.