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Visitor Management Center of Krka National Park - Lozovac (KK.


This project was cofinanced by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

On 22 February 2016, the Public Institute of Krka National Park began implementation of the project Visitor Management Center of Krka National Park– Lozovac (KK., co-financed within the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014–2020, with project completion planned for 22 December 2019. The total project value is HRK 105,968,378.33, of which HRK 71,698.656.53 was financed as a grant from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project partners: Center for Eco-Social Innovation and Development CEDRA Split

Short project description: The project Visitor Management Center of Krka National Park– Lozovac involves the construction of infrastructure and content for visitors that will enable optimal visitor management at the Lozovac entrance, and increase the attractiveness of Krka National Park. Through its implementation, this project will integrate the significant natural phenomena and attractions with the newly constructed visitor, information and education infrastructure into a single, complete, thematic project, that will provide significant affirmation of the content in less visited parts of the park.

Overall project goal: to construct infrastructure for the reception, management and education of visitors, aimed at increasing the attractiveness of Krka National Park as a tourism destination, strengthening educational capacities for interactive education and informing visitors, achieving better quality spatial and temporal distribution of visitors, and overall social, economic and ecological progress.

Specific project goals:

  • To increase the share of visitors educated about the natural heritage in the park to 29.34% of total visitors in 2022.
  • Increase the amount of support infrastructure for visitors from the current 7 to 29 by 2021, which will contribute to better management of heritage.
  • 35 new jobs created for the newly constructed content.
  • Enabling visitor reception for which there were no appropriate conditions for their reception in the period from November to March, with growth rates of 15.50% in 2020, 11.27% in 2021, and 10.50% in 2022.

Indicators of goal achievement:

  • Visitor infrastructure and content

The building complex of the future Lozovac Visitor Center will be constructed on the Lozovac plateau, at the site of the current Lozovac entrance. The intended purpose of construction of the Lozovac Visitor Center – as the main entrance into Krka National Park – is to establish better visitor management in order to improve the visitor experience and enable better spatial and temporal distribution of visitors. By constructing an attractive Visitor Center with viewing area, multimedia content, food services, presentation of the local economy, and attractive landscaping, the tourism attractiveness of Krka National Park and visitor satisfaction will be increased, which will contribute to increasing the number of visitors.

The Lozovac Visitor Center – main entrance to Krka National Park has been designed to serve as the main entrance for the receipt, direction and distribution of visitors, and for informing and educating those coming to visit the park and its broader region. The project covers an area of 6.3 ha (63,000 m2), which includes the traffic and parking areas, pedestrian areas and landscaped grounds, with the building that will house the Lozovac Visitor Center. The northern side of this project, bordering on the park, includes the visitor center building and pedestrian areas, with parking for park and agency buses. On the southern side, which is not included in this project, there are plans to build a parking lot for visitor vehicles with a walking trail to the center, which will direct individual visitors from the parking area to the visitor center.


Construction and commissioning of the Lozovac Visitor Center complex includes:

1. Construction and equipping the building of the Lozovac Visitor Center

2. Construction and equipping roads, parking areas and pedestrian areas

3. Building a terminal for park buses that can then transport visitors towards Skradinski buk

4. Constructing and equipping the access roads from the visitor centre to the organised bus parking lot, and reception of organised visitor groups, with washroom facilities

5. Landscaping the grounds and installing a children’s playground

6. Equipping the main entrance towards Skradinski buk with an automatic ticket verification system and digital info panels showing the daily number of visitors.


  • Education and interpretation

Soft project activities are aimed at educating park staff and the joint education of staff and key stakeholders. The purpose of the education is to train park staff to optimally use the content and infrastructure of the Lozovac Visitor Center to better inform visitors, to connect interpretation with the multimedia content, thereby making visitors active participants in the nature conservation process.

Multi-day training programmes “Presentation skills” which will include external lecturers and coaches to raise the level of knowledge and skills of staff at info points in the Lozovac Visitor Center, to ensure the successful presentation of the natural heritage of the park, with emphasis on its central and northern sections.

Programmes have been developed and a pilot project implemented with 10 thematic educational programmes for visitors to the center.


  • Promotion and visibility

Promotional activities are key for achieving visibility and recognisability, and accordingly, flyers, brochures, media reports, specialised broadcasts and a promotional film will be prepared within the project. Conferences, workshops and campaigns will be organised, while the existing website will be expanded to provide information about project activities and results.


Contact person for more information:  Ivona Cvitan, e-mail: 

For more information about the European Regional Development Fund that has co-financed this project, please visit: