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Nepoznata Krka, Euroschoolsport

Euroschoolsport 2018 in Eko-campus Krka Puljane

As part of the project Euroschoolsport 2018, pupils and representatives of educational institutions (secondary schools) from nine European Union Member States took part in the presentation of the project Unknown Krka: hidden treasures of the upper and middle course of the Krka River.

On Wednesday, 18 April 2018, the staff of the Public Institute of Krka National Park presented the project Unknown Krka at the Eco-campus Krka Puljane. This was a national and international promotional event for a target market segment on the topic Innovative Educational and Professional Meetings. A total of 160 participants, hosted by the Šibenik Economics School, had the opportunity to learn more about sustainable visitor management and the implementation of educational projects at the Public Institute of Krka National Park, as the two pillars of the project Unknown Krka.

Pupils and school representatives were given a guided tour of the future campus and all sites included in the project by institute staff, and they also visited other interesting parts of the park. Since 2014, Šibenik Economics School has been a partner in the Euroschoolsport project, which is part of the project Erasmus+. The organiser and representative of secondary schools from the Republic of France is the school Le Lycée Pierre Forest MAUBEUGE. The project is aimed at creating a synergy of knowledge and the learning of foreign languages, promotion of sport, culture, customs, tourism and lifelong learning. That makes the Krka Eco-campus an ideal place for such a gathering, as it shares the same values. The newly refurbished visitor centre in Puljani will be an interpretation, education and volunteer centre, focused primarily on youth, pupils, students, scientists and researchers, who will be able to develop new skills and knowledge and enjoy the company of others in surroundings of unique nature, cultural and historical heritage.

The project Unknown Krka has brought together all that the Public Institute of Krka National Park does as a management structure. Nature conservation, sustainable development and infrastructure investments, visitor management, cooperation with the local community, and educational and presentation activities have all been brought together in this project, that is sure to positively impact the overall development of the entire upper and middle course of the Krka River.

This project includes a series of planned infrastructural works within the park, designing and introducing new presentation and interpretation content, such as the construction and equipping of the Eco-Campus visitor centre at Puljane, and equipping the Krka-Well of Life nature interpretation centre in Kistanje, with artistic and multimedia interpretation collections, the construction of walking trails, electrification of boat transport, and improving the content and visitor management systems, including numerous educational activities to improve visitor safety. The centre is also planned to raise awareness among the public and stakeholders in the sectors of education, tourism and the media about the natural wealth of the Krka River and the processes associated with it.