Brljan, at 19 km from the source, is the second step on the route of the Krka River towards the sea.

It is 15.5 m high, 300 m long, and 180 m wide. The water of the Brljan Lake (also Bjelober or Ćorić Lake) pours over its tufa sills, ridges, and consoles. It is surrounded by forest vegetation and sub-Mediterranean growth, small meadows, and cultivated fields. Its beauty particularly shines in springtime, in the season of high water. The dominant moss types at Brljan are Cinclidotus aquaticus and Rhynchostegium riparioides.

The remains of the Roman legionary camp of Burnum are located near the waterfall. Traces of human presence in this area in the past are also attested by ancient mills and the so-called miner’s road, built in 1936 across the waterfall.

The greatest human intervention in the natural harmony of Brljan was undoubtedly the dam built at the beginning of the 20th century for the needs of the Miljacka hydroelectric power plant.







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