Capture the exceptional (summer) lushness of the Krka with a view from the viewpoint: confluence of the Krka and Čikola Rivers

If your travels bring you this way, to Krka National Park or another destination, or if you are just passing by while on your business, remember to stop and take in a view of the Krka River. All you need to do is turn off the main road and following the brown tourist signs to reached a viewpoint that offers a spectacular view over the vast blueness and greenness of Krka National Park.

One such sight is the confluence of the Krka and Čikola Rivers. If you do not turn towards Lozovac, but instead from the direction of Šibenik continue on towards Pakovo Selo. On the left-hand side of the road, in Krnići Gornji, you will find a lovely viewpoint that offers the most spectacular view of the confluence.

The raising of the travertine barrier at Skradinski buk led to the formation of a lake-like section for 13 kilometres upstream of the barrier, which also submerged the course of the Čikola River, creating Croatia’s most unusual confluence landscape. The island of Kalički Busen in the middle of the confluence makes it even more special, as a 700 metre long and just 10 metre wide travertine barrier that separates the Krka from the mouth of the Čikola. The excursion boats taking visitors to the upstream lake-like sections and Visovac Island also sail past this island.

Čikola, the main tributary of the Krka River, runs through the broad Petrovo Polje field before pressing into the narrow, 14 kilometre long canyon. Once it leaves the canyon, it drains into the Krka in the lake-like confluence, where the rivers come together to create a truly impressive vista. You can enjoy this unusual panorama if you turn into the hamlet of Krnići Gornji, where you can also find refuge from the summer heat, find some refreshment and enjoy the fragrances of the gardens at one of the many rural estates.







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