Catch a view of the distinctive (summer) grandeur of the Krka River from a lookout point: the Čikola canyon

If you travel on the left bank of the Krka River towards Visovac or the Roški slap waterfall, before you reach the Miljevci plateu, an unusual stony flat area, home to some of the greatest natural, cultural and historal beauties of Croatia, you have to go through the canyon of the Čikola River.

While you are driving along serpentine turns, the view will draw you to the high cliffs of the canyon, so why not stop and look at them a bit more? On the right bank of Čikola, right next to the road from Šibenik towards Pakovo Selo, there is a rest area and viewpoint overlooking the distinctive karst river fighting against drought hemmed in by limestone cliffs.

The canyon of the Čikola is characterized by a pronounced roughness, emphasized by the imposing forms of juniper, the impassability of the canyon, and the frequent drying up of the river bed. Such inaccessibility was desirable in the past, so this area contains two caves with Paleolithic sites and the fortress of Ključica, the largest and best preserved medieval castle in the Krka National Park. The canyon of the Čikola River is 14 km long and in places up to 170 m deep. It begins immediately at the exit of the river from Petrovo plain, near Drniš, and ends 6 km before its discharge into the Krka, or 3 km from the lake-like part of the river. It has been a protected area since 1965.

The gently sloping sides of the canyon are overgrown with dense undergrowth and groves of oak, hornbeam, and other trees. Along the water, one can see cormorants and many other birds with aquatic habitats. In the dry period, the impressive image is made by the pale rocks in the riverbed that were smoothed by the river.






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