Catch a view of the distinctive (summer) grandeur of the Krka River from a lookout point: Brljan

When you cross the Krka River at the crossroads that were part of the network of Roman roads between Bukovica and Promina in the Roman period, the magnificent view from the top of the serpentine road on the righthand, Bukovica side will force you to stop. There is a small resting area and a decorated lookout point overlooking Brljan. It is believed that Emperor Trajan went along this route during the invasion of Dacia. For located behind Brljan, is Burnum, a Roman military camp and settlement, which the local people have long called “Trajan’s City”.

The whole area exudes a tumultuous past, a time in which the river divided tribes and peoples, and opponents were monitored from today’s vantage points. Even today, from this place in Puljane, on the left bank of the Krka River, the remains can be seen of a prehistoric hillfort, the center of the Liburnian community of Burnistae.

From this lookout point, you can see lush sub-Mediterranean vegetation, which hides the former water mills, small pastures, and cultivated fields. This is where the Krka Rivers  becomes more tame. The Brljan waterfall itself is dry in the warm part of the year. It is followed by a 1.3 km lake formed by the construction of a dam. Brljansko Lake (Ćorića Lake, Bjelober) is 400 m wide and 1300 m long. A powerful impression is made on visitors by the breadth of the open space under the lookout point and the sense of freedom that such a view evokes.






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