Roški slap waterfall  is also called the ‘vast waterfall’, and is made up of a 22.5 m high main waterfall and countless backwaters, cascades and tufa islands. It is situated about 36 km downstream of the Krka River spring.

The start of the barrier is made up of a series of small cascades (called the Necklaces by the locals), followed by numerous backwaters and islets. Between Roški slap waterfall and Oziđana pećina cave there are 517 wooden steps.

Over the waterfall, there is a road that dates back to Roman times. Throughout most of Roški slap waterfall, the natural environment is pristine and of great interest to nature lovers. On the left bank are a series of attractive watermills, several of which have been restored and returned to their original function.

  • You can reach Roški slap by road from the directions of Drniš or Laškovica, on the roads Šibenik – Pakovo Selo or Šibenik – Skradin, or on the excursion boat from Skradinski buk
  • For visiting Roški slap waterfall in summertime, please use parking in Laškovica and Bogatići Miljevački
  • A circular educational trail passes over the Necklaces along its 1360 m route
  • At the upper dock at Roški slap you can take the excursion boat for the Krka monastery and medieval fortresses Nečven and Trošenj 
  • At the lower dock at Roški slap you can take the excursion boat for Visovac
  • The restored watermills today serve to demonstrate the old trades
  • There is a souvenir shop where you can fnd local handmade products
  • Swimming is permited only in marked areas
  • Buffet of Krka National Park
  • Three restaurants are still owned by the millers’ families
  • Ticket for Roški slap waterfall only and ticket for all land sites available







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