The Krka Eco Campus in Puljane is a visitor centre with an educational character and reception capacities. As part of the project “Unknown Krka – hidden treasure of the upper and middle course of the Krka River”, this former military complex and has been redesigned and refurbished into a modern interpretation, education and volunteer centre. The campus is intended for children, students, volunteers, researchers and those visitors interested in getting more in-depth knowledge of the wealth of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Krka National Park.

The complex consists of the Archaeological Collection, which exhibits the artefacts discovered in digs in the area of the Burnum Roman military camp; the Temple of Nature, a scientific collection presenting the rich natural history of the protected area; the Laboratory of Nature, an educational centre for primary-school aged children; the Outdoor School (amphitheatre), an outdoor educational area; the Volunteer Centre, a research centre with hostel-style accommodations and laboratories for researchers, and the Conference Hall, with a capacity of 120 seats and complete audio-visual equipment.

The main presentation and information elements in the campus area are connected by the circular walking trails with informative panels on the plant and animal species inhabiting the park.

  • The Krka Eco Campus can be toured with a park guide year-round, or viewed independently using the site map
  • Tickets can be purchased for Kistanje/Burnum/Puljane or for all terrestrial Park locations
  • Free parking and washroom facilities








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