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  • Circular trail over the Ogrlice (Necklaces) cascades, an expanded series of cascades above Roški slap, the trail is completely flat
  • Includes gravel sections, a wooden bridge and paved bridge for transport of all vehicles, except trucks over 7.5 t


The bridge across the pearl-like Necklaces in the middle of the canyon

In the very middle of the Krka River, like lace across the chest of a bride from Bogatić, are scattered a row of travertine cascades that the locals call the Necklaces. When the water flows over them in the broad fan-shape of the Roški slap waterfall, it falls into the lake. Squeezed between the canyons of the Krka and Čikola Rivers, this entire site radiates the rich history of life in this region.
Walking along the Roški slap path, one truly realizes that water is the source of life. Look at the innumerable little waterfalls, and the backwaters as they jump and murmur. The water supplied this canyon with its lush vegetation. The Illyrian-Adriatic endemic Croatian bellflower grows in the cracks of the canyon cliffs. In the river, brown trout and chub swim. The greenery hides the forest brown toad and the large green marsh frog or the terrapin. Rocky ground with bushy vegetation is the habitat of the large green lizard, and the rare mammals include wildcats and otters.
The path leads by bridge over the Necklaces, the most beautiful decoration of this site, to the watermills, a preserved monument of rural architecture and economic history. Given the rich tradition and vernacular expression to which they testify, they are also considered an ethnological-ethnographic monument. The Krka flows here in small streams and gurgles in small falls, so the mills are an ideal place to rest, have a snack, and enjoy the sounds of the river.
At the top of the canyon is the Oziđana pećina cave, which has provided shelter for man since the Late Stone Age. Visitors can pass over a bridge with 22 stone arches crossing the banks of the Krka River that was left to us by the inhabitants from the Roman period. It is thought that the Roški slap waterfall received its name from the medieval fort of Rogovo on the right bank of the river above the Među gredama canyon, and today a pedestrian path leads to the spot where it once stood, now a lookout point.
From the Necklaces to the place where the Roški slap waterfall falls into the lake, the canyon is wide and open. Upstream, it again narrows towards the upper Krka River. This is the spot where the excursions boats dock to take visitors through the narrow Brzica Straits to Carigradska Draga where the Krka monastery is located.





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