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LOZOVAC / N 43°47'47.21'' E15°58'04.87''

  • Lozovac parking area (free all day), entrance to the trail next to the main reception area
  • Gravel trail from Lozovac descends at a steep slope towards the Krka River
  • Return via the same route or by bus towards Lozovac


A look at the moment when the Čikola falls into the Krka’s embrace

From Lozovac, the main land entrance to Krka National Park, a forest trail runs all the way to Skradinski buk waterfall, the park’s most famous waterfall. This is a short path for true nature lovers who prefer to walk in the fresh air, taking in the scent of pine trees and the nearby river, instead of taking the bus.

The combined waters of the Krka River and its largest tributary, the Čikola River, falls over the 17 cascades of Skradinski buk waterfall. When the might travertine barriers of Skradinski buk waterfall were formed, the Krka formed a lake all the way to Visovac, and the mouth of the Čikola River was submerged. This created the picturesque and most unusual confluence in Croatia, recognisable for the open vistas and island formations covered in aquatic plants. The travertine barrier called Kalički busen, about 700 metres long and just 10 metres wide, separates the Krka from the mouth of the Čikola River, allowing us to see the exact moment when the Čikola, after winding through its narrow canyon, rushes into the wide embrace of the Krka, and has for thousands of years. This is a sight best seen from the Lozovac trail. The excursion boats transporting visitors to the lake-like sections of the river to Visovac Island sail around Kalički busen.

In viewing this tranquil site, the mute river banks and slow flowing water, it would be easy to think that this is the end of the river, and that all it needs to do is calmly run towards the Šibenik Bay and its sea. But at this site, the Krka has created its most magnificent waterfall, collected all its power and force and sprayed the water into millions of droplets, dressed itself in the white foam, sung deep from the depths. Those who have walked down the Lozovac trail to see the beauty of its final waterfall can hear this, if they listen carefully.






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