The Management Plan for Krka National Park was drafted in the period from 2006 to 2010, with the aim of improving the management and preservation of parts of the Krka River encompassed within the boundaries of Krka National Park.

The management plan is a strategic document that outlines the fundamental objectives of the management of Krka National Park through action plans that are aligned with the park’s vision, mission, policy and general strategies. These action plans also give the basic determinants for implementation of the management plan.

The Action Plans (58 in total) are clearly defined activities for the forthcoming ten-year period, concerning the preservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage, implementing scientific research, participation of the public in the work of the Management, marketing and promotions, developing the park visitor system, building infrastructure, cooperation with the local population, institutional strengthening of the Institute, legal regulations and solutions for ownership issues. The chapter on monitoring outlines the activities to monitor the state of nature and activities envisaged under the Management Plan.

The content and methodology of drafting the management plan was adopted at workshops that included all stakeholders, pursuant to Article 81 of the Nature Protection Act (OG 70/05 and 139/08), and are aligned with the content of the management plans for Northern Velebit National Park, Risnjak National Park, Plitvice Lakes National Park and Velebit Nature Park, that were developed as part of the project “Conservation of karst ecosystems” (KEC).

All the relevant results of numerous scientific and cultural heritage studies, tourism development studies, spatial plans for Krka National Park, spatial and development plans of the surrounding local communities, and results of workshops and consultations with numerous participants (economic subjects, politicians, residents, etc.) within and in the direct proximity of the park.

We would like to thank the entire staff of Krka National Park, the Ministry of Culture, State Institute for Nature Protection and numerous scientific institutions and individuals who, with their suggestions, have contributed to the quality of the plan. We sincerely hope that we will continue to have their support in the implementation of action plans, to ensure through our joint efforts we can achieve our vision of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Krka National Park.







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