Above the picturesque Među gredama canyon or “Between the cliffs”, at the top of the horn from where a view sweeps over the blue water of the straits, the fortress of Rogovo stood guard, owned by the Šubić family (the Princes of Bribir).

The Rogovo (Rog = “Horn”) fortress was erected above the Među gredama canyon, on the right bank of the Krka River, at the point where the river enters into Visovac Lake. Its remains are not visible today, but confirmation of its existence can be found in written sources, and on the map by Mate Pagan from the 16th century, where it was drawn, with the name Martinušić, opposite the fortress of Kamičak. At the site of the former fortress, today there is a lookout point that marks the end of the Rogovo pedestrian path.

In historical sources from the middle of the 14th century, it is mentioned as the possession of Prince Budislav Ugrinić. His ownership of Rogovo and Visovac Island was confirmed twice by the Croatian Hungarian King Louis I, in 1345 and 1356. The nearby feature with waterfalls received the name Roški slap waterfall from this fortress.

The fortress was in the possession of the Ugrinić family to 1522, when the entire area was conquered by the Ottomans. After it had lost its former strategic importance, it was never reconstructed.







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