A hundred meters downstream from the first Krka hydroelectric power plant, Ante Šupuk built a second plant (HPP Jaruga), which after the installation of additional turbines in 1936, still works today.

In 1901, the Italian joint stock company Societa anonima per l’utillizzazione delle forze idrauliche della Dalmazia (SUFID) – (Society for the Exploitation of Dalmatian Water Forces), concluded a contract with Ante Šupuk and son, the owners of the existing power plants with concessions for available water power, for the construction of new hydroelectric power plants. The company of Ante Šupuk and son provided SUFID with an available amount of water of 22.61 m3/s, and SUFID undertook to build a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 15 million The construction of the new hydroelectric power plant called Jaruga began in 1901, and was put into operation in 1904. The produced energy was exclusively used for the needs of the carbide factory in Crnica (Šibenik), built at the same time as the power plant. Due to increased electricity consumption and frequent reductions since 1913, HPP Jaruga also received at its disposal the amount of 3.2 m3/s of water used by the old hydropower plant after it stopped working, for which the SUFID company compensated the firm of Ante Šupuk and son with an annual electricity supply of one million KWh. The contractual relations between the company of Ante Šupuk his son and the Italian SUFID were terminated on September 1, 1929 (one year before the expiration of the contract period), and SUFID delivered HPP Jaruga to the new owners in very poor condition. The announced construction of an aluminum factory in Lozovac encouraged the owners of HPP Jaruga to complete the reconstruction of the generator facilities. The reconstructed HPP Jaruga was again in operation from May 1937. In 1947, HPP Jaruga was included in the first electric power system (HPP Kraljevac on the Cetina, HPP Manojlovac, HPP Jaruga), for the needs of which a new transmission line Kraljevac – Lozovac – Zadar was built in 1948.







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