Experience everyday life and become acquainted with the art of ancient Roman warfare in the Burnum Archaeological Collection.

At the end of 2003, systematic archaeological excavations began in the area of the Roman military camp of Burnum. In the course of excavations, large amounts of small finds were discovered, such as coins, glass, jewelry, military equipment, pottery, and bricks/tiles. Given the abundance and importance of the archaeological material, the need became evident to establish an archaeological collection in the immediate vicinity of the archaeological site for the accommodation and presentation of the material.

The Archaeological Collection of Burnum is located in the Krka Eco Campus at Puljane, in a former military complex that was granted by the government of the Republic of Croatia to the Public Institute of Krka National Park in 2004, which promised to renovate and turn the complex into a scientific research and educational centre. The archaeological artifacts from the area of Roman Burnum are displayed on two floors, in seven exhibition rooms, thematically arranged according to the type and context of the displayed material: Roman construction, objects of everyday use, stone and epigraphic monuments, the amphitheatre, the Roman cavalry, Roman legions, and the everyday life of soldiers and their customs. Along with the original artifacts, faithful models are exhibited of cavalrymen, horses, centurions, and legionaries in all the equipment that the army used in the 1st century. In the background of the models, a multimedia presentation runs, where with the help of interactive sensors the life of Roman soldiers from the 1st century is re-enacted through film.

The interactive and multimedia technologies on the second floor of the exhibition were placed with an educational and didactic aim. The target users of this technology are children and young people, who gain their knowledge through new technologies. The interactive mirror makes it possible to get to know the attire habits of Roman soldiers, gladiators, and women, so that everyone can virtually dress in various Roman clothing. Additionally, an interactive table was set up with a game, where the youngest visitors can try their hand at building an amphitheatre. The museum also contains a cinema hall intended for the multimedia presentation of the archaeological site of Burnum. The original film, owned by the Krka National Park, which is shown to visitors, was filmed at the archaeological site of Burnum and at nearby locations, depicting the life, customs, fighting, eating habits, and entertainment of the Roman soldiers at the Roman military camp of Burnum.






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