The Krka National Park was proclaimed on January 24, 1985

The Krka National Park is celebrating its 39th birthday with pride and joy, highlighting a year filled with achievements in natural protection and sustainable development. On this important anniversary, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Damir Habijan, accompanied by Cabinet Secretary Ivan Tadić and Chief Secretary Ivana Šuman, the Director of the Administration for Nature Protection, Igor Kreitmeyer, the Director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park, Nella Slavica, and the directors of the other Croatian national parks and nature parks gathered at Skradinski buk waterfall to glorify and celebrate the birthday and success of the Krka National Park, but also to discuss future projects.

It gives me great pleasure to participate in the celebration of the 39th birthday of the Krka National Park, which for many years has represented not only the natural wealth of Croatia, but also an exemplary example of commitment to the preservation of our unique natural and cultural heritage. This anniversary offers an opportunity for a joint celebration, but also for reflection on achievements and future goals in the protection of nature”, stated Minister Habijan and added: “I wish to emphasize the importance of the Croatian national parks and nature parks in the preservation of the European Union ecosystem. National parks are not only protected areas, they are also epicenters of expertise, and communities of volunteers and enthusiastic visitors, who share the same passion for nature.

As part of the working meeting, key people in the protection of nature discussed new strategic projects and initiatives in nature protection, and emphasized the significant progress achieved last year.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who responded to the invitation and increased the birthday celebration of the Krka National Park with their arrival. Such meetings confirm the unity, cooperation, and commitment of all of us in preserving the unique natural heritage of which we are proud. Today represents not merely the birthday of the Krka National Park, but of all true nature lovers”, said the director of the Krka National Park, Nella Slavica, who emphasized: “Croatia is privileged because it possesses a wealth of diverse ecosystems, and cooperation at the level of parks and ministries is a key element in achieving their long-term sustainability.

In the past year, the Krka National Park has made significant progress in promoting sustainability, a love of nature, and the preservation of biodiversity. Through the implementation of sustainable management practices and the education of visitors, it once again showed that it is not only a symbol of the protection of natural features, but also of positive activities in the field of nature conservation. The Park’s birthday is an opportunity to thank all those who worked with dedication to protect natural resources and promote awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

Let the thirty-nine years of the Krka National Park be an incentive for us to continue to work dedicatedly to preserve its natural and cultural-historical features and foster the cooperation of all those involved with the aim of protecting and preserving nature for future generations.







Novi rezultati istraživanja zadovoljstva posjetitelja NP „Krka“ potvrđuju dobro upravljanje Parkom

Posjetitelji Nacionalnog parka „Krka“ ističu boravak i uživanje u prirodi i opušteni odmor kao najvažnije motive dolaska u Park, raste zadovoljstvo ponudom u svim elementima, a raste i udio domaćih posjetitelja

Hrvatska turistička kutija iznenađenja stigla u Nacionalni park „Krka“

U sklopu projekta „Kultura, turizam i strukovno obrazovanje“, koji je odabralo Ministarstvo turizma i sporta, učenici Srednje škole Ivana Meštrovića Drniš i Ekonomske i upravne škole Split posjetili su Eko kampus „Krka“ u Puljanima

The 20th Meeting with the local inhabitants will gather together olive growers

At this year’s first meeting of olive growers from the wider area of the Krka River, the preparation of olive trees for successful flowering and fertilization will be discussed

Celebrating European Wool Day in the ethno-village at Skradinski buk

Join us at the ethno-village at Skradinski buk on Friday, 9 April 2024, so that we can celebrate European Wool Day together






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