The Krka National Park is celebrating its 39th birthday

The celebration of this anniversary features an extensive program of activities from the 24th to the 31st of January 2024. Among other things, visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Park and participate in educational workshops.

On the birthday itself, on Wednesday the 24th of January 2024, entrance to the Krka National park will be free.

From the 24th to the 31st of January 2024, entry to the Krka Eco Campus at Puljane and the Roški slap waterfall will be free.

On these days, a special emphasis will be placed on the education of visitors, in the form of organised free workshops for children and adults at the Krka Eco Campus in Puljane every day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Educational staff from the Krka National Park will lead workshops on the topics of environmental protection, the importance of sorting waste, and the possibility of its reuse and recycling. Visitors will be able to participate in making decorative items from recycled materials.

The workshop schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, January 24: 3R – recycling paper
  • Thuirsday, January 25: 3R – making jewelery from paper beads
  • Friday, January 26: 3R – recycling PVC plastic bags
  • Saturday, January 27: 3R – recycling paper
  • Sunday, January 28: Stitch by stitch – apron (weaving with paper)
  • Monday, January 29: Stitch by stitch – apron (making a woven decoration)
  • Tuesday, January 30: Stitch by stitch – apron (weaving on a children’s loom)
  • Wednesday, January 31: A visit to the Burnum archaeological site accompanied by a guide (the workshop begins at 12 noon).

A screening of the film River Blue will be organised for the students of the Antun Vrančić High School in Šibenik on January 29 at 12 noon in the school hall. After the screening, there will be a short discussion with fourth grade students about the importance of environmental protection and the role of institutions in protected areas. The students in attendance will receive the book Rijeka Krka: Dar prirode, a natural history monograph published by the Krka National Park as a gift.

The celebration of the birthday of the Krka National Park is an opportunity for providing education about the importance of preserving nature, but also for enjoying the features of this unique natural treasure and socializing with the local community. So, join us in celebration, explore the National Park, and support sustainability in managing it and living in a unique natural environment.





Novi rezultati istraživanja zadovoljstva posjetitelja NP „Krka“ potvrđuju dobro upravljanje Parkom

Posjetitelji Nacionalnog parka „Krka“ ističu boravak i uživanje u prirodi i opušteni odmor kao najvažnije motive dolaska u Park, raste zadovoljstvo ponudom u svim elementima, a raste i udio domaćih posjetitelja

Hrvatska turistička kutija iznenađenja stigla u Nacionalni park „Krka“

U sklopu projekta „Kultura, turizam i strukovno obrazovanje“, koji je odabralo Ministarstvo turizma i sporta, učenici Srednje škole Ivana Meštrovića Drniš i Ekonomske i upravne škole Split posjetili su Eko kampus „Krka“ u Puljanima

The 20th Meeting with the local inhabitants will gather together olive growers

At this year’s first meeting of olive growers from the wider area of the Krka River, the preparation of olive trees for successful flowering and fertilization will be discussed

Celebrating European Wool Day in the ethno-village at Skradinski buk

Join us at the ethno-village at Skradinski buk on Friday, 9 April 2024, so that we can celebrate European Wool Day together






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