At the final Meeting of the year, the topic is an interesting and current one, with local olive growers bringing in their fresh oil for free analysis

The 18th Meeting of the Local Community will be held on Tuesday, 5 December 2023 from 2 to 4 pm at the conference hall of the Krka Eco-Campus in Puljane.

The theme of the meeting is Adapting olive growing to climate change. A lecture will be held by Jakša Rošin, MSc., senior associate of the Department of Plant Sciences, Institute for Adriatic Culture and Karst Amelioration in Split. Mr. Rošin is particularly dedicated to the conservation of Mediterranean crop cultures and the development of Mediterranean agriculture in Croatia, and he will discuss novelties that climate change will be bringing to olive growing, and the procedures that should be applied in the care of olives to ensure the plantations are protected and to secure yields.

“At the Meetings of the Local Community, we discuss current topics to expand knowledge and to find effective ways to protect traditional varieties and breeds that are exceptionally important in the conservation of biodiversity, national customs, and our heritage,” stated Nella Slavica, director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park. She added, “This year, the focus was on professional development for our local beekeepers, viticulturalists and olive growers. We have contributed to the development of their skills in pruning grapevines and olive trees, and conducted analyses of honey, wine and oil to obtain guidelines on how to further improve agricultural techniques. In agreement with the local population, next year we will continue to address topics of a shared interest.”

The 18th Meeting of the Local Community brings together the local population living and working within the broader area of the Krka River. The Public Institute of Krka National Park will provide free analysis of fresh olive oil. All olive growers are invited to bring in 0.5 L of olive oil in a clean and dark glass bottle for analysis.

Participation in the Meeting of the Local Community is open to all interested persons.



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