Advancing the production of white wines and reviewing the wines from the 2023 harvest were the main topics of the new Meeting with the local population

The 17th Meeting with the local population will be held on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, from 2 to 4 p.m. in the conference hall of the Krka Eco Campus in Puljane.

The leader of the white wine tasting workshop will be Stipe Ivić, MA, expert associate for for winemaking and viticulture at the Department of Plant Sciences of the Institute for Adriatic Culture and Karst Reclamation in Split. Organoleptic evaluation of wine implies evaluation of the external appearance of the wine (color and clarity), smell, taste, overall impression, and recognition of the variety from which the wine was produced.

Local residents who live and work in the wider area of the Krka River will gather at the meeting. Anyone who processes grapes can bring a sample of their young white wine for an individualized consultation, in order to receive an expert opinion on it based on the analysis of the organoleptic properties of the wine. For the tasting, 0.5 l of white wine in a glass or plastic bottle should be brought.

The public institution of the Krka National Park offers free analysis of young or aged wine to interested residents of the broader Krka River area. For this purpose, local residents can bring a sample of 0.5 l of white or red wine, in a glass or plastic bottle, to the Meeting.

Participation in the 17th Meeting is free for all interested parties.



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