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Programme 3

Roški slap waterfall

– Duration: about two hours

– Arrival at Roški slap waterfall: by vehicle (from the Laškovica Visitor Centre)

– Information and recommendations from expert park staff

– Tour of Roški slap waterfall and Ogrlice (Necklaces).

Due to its favourable geographic position, Roški slap waterfall has always been a place where humans have sought sanctuary. People have been present here since prehistoric times, when they inhabited the Oziđana pećina cave, through the Roman era when the bridge over the Krka was first built, to the tumultuous medieval period, symbolised by the Kamičak and Rogovo fortresses on the opposite sides of the Među gredama canyon, and the watermills as monuments of traditional construction and industry, and finally to the period of industrialisation, with the construction of hydroelectric plants and the development of tourism. Walk in their footsteps today and learn about them – about nature – and about yourself.