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Programme 2

Skradinski buk waterfall

– Duration: about four hours

– Entrance: walking from the Skradin Bridge along the 3.5 km trail to Skradinski buk waterfall

– Information and recommendations from expert park staff

– Tour of Skradinski buk waterfall

– Return along the trail to Skradin.

You can reach Skradinski buk waterfall on foot or by bicycle from the Skradin Bridge at Skradin. This maintained, 3.5 km long cycling and walking trail runs right along the river, and the trail is not demanding, making it perfect for a family excursion outdoors. At Skradinski buk waterfall you can connect to the Krka National Park WiFi network and download the mobile application “Krka National Park Tour” for free. This application is based on augmented reality to facilitate your orientation and movement through the park, and to give more information about what is offered at the park. For the youngest, you can download the free application and interactive game “KrkaKids educational trail of knowledge”.