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Programme 1

Skradinski buk waterfall

– Duration: about two hours

– Entrance: by vehicle at the Lozovac entrance (or on foot from the Lozovac entrance via the 875 m walking trail)

– Information and recommendations from expert park staff

– Tour of Skradinski buk waterfall

– Exit at Lozovac.


Skradinski buk waterfall is the best known and most visited waterfall on the Krka River. The stunning beauty of the 17 travertine cascades is just one of the many interesting facets of this area. The educational walking trail, 1 900 m in length, leads you around the waterfalls and the educational panels installed along the way will acquaint you will the diverse plant and animal life in the park. Take advantage of the peace that can be found here in the winter months, and get to know all that Krka National Park is. Become a spokesperson for the park in your own community, spreading knowledge about the park and the preserved environment it contains within.