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  14.02.2019, 14:08h

Souvenirs for members of the Club of Friends of the Krka

The Club of Friends of the Krka is much more than a mere membership card.

With nearly nine hundred members, it has grown into a society of true nature lovers, who often happily spend their free moments at the Krka River. That is why we celebrated this year's park birthday with them at a joint concert at the Croatian National Theater in Šibenik, and now we are offering another benefit for them.

Given the time they spend at the Park, all members of the Club of Friends of the Krka from Friday, February 15, 2019 can buy assorted souvenirs from the Krka National Park with a discount of 20%. All that is necessary is to present the club card and an identity card or some other identification when making a purchase.

Members can select from traditional souvenirs (jugs, bowls, spoons), souvenirs made from wood, stone, pottery, and glass; souvenirs such as t-shirts, caps, badges, pendants, magnets, jewelery, cups, and postcards, as well as artistic souvenirs in the form of paintings or figurines, and also books from the extensive publishing activity of the Krka National Park.

All souvenirs offered by the Krka National Park are selected according to the criteria of quality and distinctiveness, but also taking into account originality and the traditional heritage, as well as the degree of connection with the cultural, historical, and natural heritage. Further attention is also paid to the originality and ecological acceptability of the manufacturing process and the materials used. Such souvenirs represent an original and recognizable piece of the park that true lovers of this karst river would like to have in their homes or give to loved ones.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Club of Friends of the Krka for joining it, as they are the best spokespersons for all its features and what needs to be preserved for the future.