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  22.08.2019, 08:32h

A new souvenir shop of the Krka National Park in the famous Knin fortress

From now on, you can bring back memories of the Krka National Park from Knin as well.

A new souvenir shop of the Krka National Park has been opened in the famous Knin fortress, so that those who visit the Park coming from the north, as well as Knin inhabitants and their guests, can find some of the authentic souvenirs that fluently speak about the tradition and history of this place. The Mayor of Knin, Ph.D. Marko Jelić and Knin Deputy Mayor Marijo Ćaćić welcomed Krka National Park and the director of the Public Institute Nella Slavica.

The history of the Krka River, to which the town of Knin is inextricably linked, is much older than mankind. The Krka and the Krčić were one river in the geological past. The main and constant spring of the Krka River is located three and a half kilometers northeast of Knin, on the edge of the Knin plain, at the foot of a twenty-two meter high cliff. This is Topoljski waterfall (Veliki buk or the Krčić slap waterfall), very active in winter when there is plenty of water, while in summer it is waterless and quiet. Sixteen kilometers downstream from the spring and nine from Knin is the first waterfall on the Krka River, called Bilušića buk.

The Krka National Park and the area in which it is situated, with all its people and customs, are a single entity, created by the interplay of mankind and the river over centuries of turbulent history. Hence today, when talking about the activities of the Krka National Park, we must mention the local communities, especially since the cities and municipalities along the Park border, in addition to being proud of it, cooperate with its administration on numerous projects of mutual interest.

The souvenir shop at the Knin fortress is open from 9am to 7pm. There is also a children's corner, to keep small hands entertained while the adults choose something from the diverse range of traditional, modern, utilitarian, artistic, and food souvenirs. Before they reach the souvenir shop, these items are selected according to the criteria of quality and recognition, as well as the degree of connection with the cultural, historical, and natural heritage, and their originality and environmental acceptability, so that you can bring home a memory that will always remind you of the Krka River.