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  02.10.2018, 14:03h

My promise to the Krka

In the campaign “My promise to the Krka” carried out by the Public Institute of Krka National Park in primary schools across Šibenik-Knin County in September, a total of 508 children's promises to the Krka were collected.

Participating in the campaign were 39 classes from 36 primary schools in the vicinity of Krka National Park, including those in Drinovci, Drniš, Knin and Kistanje, to Šibenik and its environs. We were particularly pleased to also receive promises to the Krka from children in western parts of the County: from Čista Velika, Pirovac and settlements on the island of Murter.

The campaign “My promise to the Krka” was designed to raise the awareness of children to the responsibilities they have towards nature. In a relationship of mutual trust and respect, both humans and nature benefit, and through their promises, each child has the opportunity to think about that relationships and to promise what they will do through the new school year in order to conserve nature. They say that the world remains with the youth, and therefore our children will be our future nature rangers. For that reason, the nature rangers of Krka National Park paid a visit to their classrooms, as they best know how to behave responsibly towards our environment.

My promise to the Krka was carried out with the support of teachers and school principals, who have actively participated in the activities carried out by the Public institute of Krka National Park for years. The new school years also brings new planned workshops and field trips for all pupils, some of which will take part in Krka National Park. And judging by the promises made to the Krka, not only will there be more joy and flowers, but we can also look forward to new generations of responsible young people and protectors of nature.

The campaign was carried out in participating schools from 19 to 28 September. The children wrote their promises on recycled paper cut out into the shape of a leaf, which will decorate the tree at the Visitor Centre in Laškovica, thereby also reminding visitors of the promises that each of us can give. These 508 promises to the Krka represent 508 clear thoughts and invitations for each of us to give our contribution to protecting the environment.