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  20.08.2019, 07:40h

The Sounds of the Krka River: the 4 Tenors in Skradin

In this romantic Mediterranean town, whose center is a protected cultural monument, the paved narrow streets have always echoed to the sounds of song.

That is why the third concert of the event The Sounds of the Krka will be held in Skradin, on Monday, August 26, 2019, at 9 pm. The 4 Tenors will sing in the square in front of the Church of the Nativity of the BVM: Đani Stipaničev, Vladimir Garić, Marko Pecotic and Filip Hozjak, accompanied by a band.

The 4 Tenors made their debut in April 2016 as guests at a klapa (a capella) concert in Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb. The enthusiastic audience saw them off with a standing ovation, and after that they became a true attraction of refined musical expression. The delight audiences with arias, ballads, and evergreen songs such as “O Sole Mio”, “Nessun Dorma”, “Grande Amore”, “Funiculi Funicula”, “Canzone per te”, and local standards such as Coce’s “Vilo moja”, Oliver's “Cesarica”, Robić's “Golubovi”, “Zvona moga grada” by Vice Vukov, as well as current Croatian and foreign hits, along with songs from musicals. In 2017, with the song “Sve je tvoje”, they won the first prize of the audience at the jubilee 20th anniversary evening of Dalmatian Chanson Evenings in Šibenik. They give many concerts, and as the crown of their career together they particularly remember a concert in Zagreb's Cibona Hall on September 21, 2018. In the same year they released their debut album, "In Lisinski Concert Hall". They are well known and liked by the local audience, so we expect that they will come in great numbers to Skradin on Monday, August 26th, and enjoy a exceptional musical experience and a pleasant evening with these charming and witty tenors.

We are looking forward to your arrival!